Vuta 'N Kuvute

“Reminiscent of an anti-colonial In the Mood for Love.” - TIFF

A runaway Indian-Zanzibari bride forms a strong bond with a young communist in the tungsten lit, winding alleyways and washed down walls of 1950s British colonial Zanzibar. Based on Adam Shafi’s award-winning Swahili novel, it is a coming-of-age political drama about love and resistance.

“Reminiscent of an anti-colonial In the Mood for Love, distinguished as one of the few films ever shot on the island of Zanzibar, and the first Tanzanian feature film to ever play at TIFF, Amil Shivji‘s latest captures the unique historic tensions of an indelibly important time and space.” Nataleah Hunter-Young – TIFF

  • Big World Cinema / Kijiweni Productions
  • Amil Shivji
  • Steven Markovitz / Amil Shivji
  • Zenn van Zyl